September 25, 2021

Violence and racism are entirely getting out of hand in the USA. The latest victim was George Floyd, and the police killed him for no reason. I don’t want to live in a world where the police kill an innocent man just for being black. His name was George Floyd and his family deserve better. There’s no place in the world for racism and these disgusting acts.

To show my support, I’m joining the TheShowMustBePaused initiative. It’s an initiative focused on the music industry, but any movement against this type of violence has my support.

To know more go to TheShowMustBePaused and show your support or, if you can help, do help. You can follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

My condolences to the family and all the families who have to go through these atrocities.


Manuel Gomes

I'm a Project Manager with experience in large projects and companies. I've worked in the past for companies like Bayer, Sybase (now SAP) and I'm currently working for Pestana Hotel Group.

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