Bargain bin

As you may already notice, I don’t particularly appreciate doing things the “usual” way.

I feature technical articles with excellent photography that, most of the time, are related to the content. Sometimes not, but they look fantastic. It’s my way of featuring amazing artists in the process of making things appealing.
 So I decided to do a “Bargain bin”, where I have all the services that I can recommend and both of us can benefit. I believe that having my “bargain bin” is much more tasteful than what I see everywhere.


They annoy me a lot. I want to get to the content as fast as possible and having a popup trying to collect your data is intrusive. I don’t use them here.

Fill the website with ads

I had (not anymore) a small ad on the top of the page, but even that made me feel uncomfortable. I want a separate section for that stuff.

Affiliate links everywhere 

I recommend many books, podcasts, and tools, but none of them have affiliate links. You choose if you want to buy it and where.

I want to keep your privacy intact. 

I don’t want to know your email or send you stuff. We get enough email as it is, so I don’t want you to get any more than you need.


This “Bargain bin” is the only area on the whole website where you can find discount codes and some affiliate information. I separate it from the rest of the website to explicitly know that you’re using a code.

First and foremost, I’ll only recommend stuff I use. If I stop using a tool or a service, I’ll remove it from here. If I don’t use it doesn’t make sense to recommend it.
All links will either cost you zero or give you discounts. The idea is to have something that will bring us mutual benefit or a way that you can give me something without costing you anything.
Please note that I can get some kickbacks from when you buy stuff. This will help me pay the website’s hosting costs and continue bringing cool content.

The Bargain bin


Hover is my favorite site to host all my domains. Only if its hover doesn’t sell a more exotic TLD, I search elsewhere. It offers free privacy features, and it has amazing support, a clean UI, and super easy but advanced options.

If you use this link, both you and I will get $2.

For my most “exotic” domains, I also use It’s an amazing alternative to hover and one that you can consider on your next domain purchase. It provides the same clean UI, amazing features, and cheap domains from a wide range for you to choose from.

Check out the link here to save $5. 

I host this and other websites on It has one of the best cost/benefits that I’ve seen out there. You can get a cheap website online with all the “bells and whistles” to get you started with cool support to help you.

You can check this link for the available promotions.

Nowadays, connecting any network involves risk, so it’s best to be protected. It’s your privacy and your information that is being shared with your internet provider and other creepy entities. I use NordVPN to protect me from all of this.

Check out the link here to see how you can save. 

Having a trusted broker is essential if you deal with anything related to the stock market. I use as my broker of choice. It’s regulated, based in Europe, and charges super cheap commissions with a clean UI that makes investing easier.

You can check this link for 20€ free in transaction fees.

Cryptocurrency is booming, and I want in. I use because of the super easy interface, earning possibilities where your crypto earns “interest,” and even a credit card (that is a debit card as all credit cards that you use should be) for cool cashback. 

If you open an account here and use the code duechdg6dn and we get $25. 

I have no affiliation with this brand or person (people), and the views here are my own. I didn’t have any bad experiences, but if you do, please know that this is a recommendation, and you’re always free to make decisions by yourself before buying something.

Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash