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My Power Automate custom connector can do that and more for you.


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My mission continues the same. To help you get the most out of the Power Platform and my custom connector helps you do exactly that.

Flows don’t need to be complex. Use the actions in this custom connector and go on with your life.


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(with Baron Blue)

Access to the custom connector
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Complex use cases are solved with 1-click actions.
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Don’t spend time creating complex Flows to convert files.

Here’s how easy it is to convert a CSV to XML, JSON, XLS, and XLSX

Only one action and you’re done

What you’ll get with Baron Blue?

All actions
  • No limitations on actions
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Unlimited actions in your Flows
Privacy Protection
  • No newsletters
  • Files are never saved
  • Requests are not logged
Data Protection
  • Credit Cards stored securely in Stripe
  • Your Flow data won’t leave Microsoft’s infrastructure
  • GDPR and other jurisdictions compliant.
Saves you money
  • Cost per file is a fraction of the market.
  • Other actions for the same cost
  • One connector for your needs
Saves you Time
  • Common complex workflows in one action.
  • Zero installation. Pick it from the list and start.
Fully Documented
  • Full documentation
  • Examples of the actions


Here’s all you can do with Baron Blue:

Convert Files

You can convert the following files in any combination between them—for example, JSON to XML or CSV to Excel.


(with Baron Blue)

Excel 97-2004 (.xls)
Excel Workbook (.xlsx)

Convert Data

Converting data can be complex so let’s make it simple. With a single action, you can convert and get data in the format you want.


(with Baron Blue)

Convert Excel Number Date to Date
Convert Date to Excel Number Date
Convert Date to timestamp
Convert text to boolean
Convert text to int and float
Convert file name to content type and extension
Convert content-type to extension and vice-versa
Convert IP range into a list of IPs
Convert CIDR into a list of IPs

Find data

Finding data is quite tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Add the parameters and get an array with the elements that we find.


(with Baron Blue)

Find IP (address, range, or CIDR)
Modify search to find first, last, or all.


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