TWIL 001: Achieving your childhood dreams

For the TWIL 001, I want to pay homage to Randy Pausch. His “Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” is still as current today as it was in 2007. I like to review it once in a while to put things into perspective especially when I moan about crappy stuff and realize that other people have way bigger problems than myself and still kick a**.

I hope you enjoy my first (of many) TWIL. Here’s TWIL 001.

Technology & Services

Introducing a new era of hybrid personal computing: the Windows 365 Cloud PC | Microsoft 365 Blog

As some regions begin to make their way out of the challenges and disruption of the past 18 months, we’re seeing a new world of work emerge. Organizations everywhere have transformed themselves through virtual processes and remote collaboration.

Apple’s Weather app won’t show 69 degrees anywhere in the forecast

The Weather app for iPhone and iPad is plagued with the stupidest bug you could imagine, preventing it from displaying the temperature of 69 degrees Fahrenheit anywhere in the forecast.

Modernizing the DOM tree in Microsoft Edge

The DOM is the foundation of the web platform programming model, and its design and performance impacts the rest of the browser pipeline. However, its history and evolution is far from a simple story.

State of the Windows: How many layers of UI inconsistencies are in Windows 10?

We’ve all heard this riddle: if you dig down deep enough in Windows 10, you’ll find elements that date from Windows 3.x days. But is it actually true? In this article we’ll discover just how many UI layers are in Windows and when they were first introduced.

ZFS fans, rejoice—RAIDz expansion will be a thing very soon

ZFS supports many complex disk topologies, but “spiral stack sitting on a desk” still isn’t one of them.

Amazon’s game streaming service Luna is opening access to all Prime members June 21 and 22

Amazon is opening up access to its game streaming service Luna to all Amazon Prime members on June 21 and 22 (Amazon Prime Day). Previously, to test out Luna you had to request access or sign up from supported Fire TV devices.

Productivity and Motivation

Improve Your Focus, Improve Your Productivity

We all have those days when we convince ourselves that we aren’t as productive as we should be. Maybe it’s because you compare yourself to others or have fallen off the productivity rails. Regardless of the cause, we might hit the panic switch and frantically embrace new systems and processes.


DMARC: The First Line of Defense Against Ransomware

There has been a lot of buzz in the industry about ransomware lately. Almost every other day, it’s making headlines.

Upgrade Your SSH Key to Ed25519

If you’re a DevOps engineer or a web developer, there’s a good chance that you’re already familiar and using the SSH key authentication on a daily basis. Whether it’s for logging into the remote server or when pushing your commit to the remote repository.


How to stop your emails from being tracked

All of those obnoxious marketing emails that crowd your inbox aren’t just pushing a product. They’re also tracking whether you’ve opened the email, when you opened it, and where you were at the time by using software like Mailchimp to embed tracking software into the message.


Give me /events, not webhooks

We’re Sync Inc and we help developers skip the API. We sync data from third-party APIs like Airtable and Stripe right to your Postgres database in real-time. It’s like having row-level access to your data in stripe_prod.

Google Releases New Framework to Prevent Software Supply Chain Attacks

As software supply chain attacks emerge as a point of concern in the wake of SolarWinds and Codecov security incidents, Google is proposing a solution to ensure the integrity of software packages and prevent unauthorized modifications.

Blockchain and Digital Currencies

The Potential Orwellian Horror of Central Bank Digital Currencies

As citizens around the world are confronted with the severe curtailment of political, economic and cultural freedoms associated with COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies (e.g., lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations and/or vaccine passports), new risks to economic freedom and prosperity are quickly emerging which citizens must be aware of and remain vigilant about.

How Is Scalability Finally Solved by

Scalability is a significant aspect of every blockchain-based solution. Several blockchain networks today, including the popular Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, struggle with scalability issues. However, Jax.Network has established sharding as the absolute solution to this age-old problem.

I hope you enjoyed this TWIL 001. What articles and concepts did you learn this week?

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