June 24, 2024

Become a Sponsor

What to promote your product, app, or service to my readers?

I don’t want to use complex ad networks that don’t consider your privacy, so I think this solution is better for you and my readers. If you wish to sponsor the website, here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Your product is featured in the website’s header for all to see. It’s a banner, so you can make it animated if it doesn’t break the site’s aesthetics.
  2. A post published on Monday that I can write, or we can work on it together.
  3. The banner will last for one week, and it will be displayed here:

My readers are super bright, and they will appreciate your product or idea.

I do not publish “guest articles” that are paid for or generate other sorts of articles that are advertising posing as content. 

To book sponsorship or ask any questions, please email sponsor@manueltgomes.com.