September 25, 2022

An ever-growing Power Automate Trigger Reference

My way of explaining each trigger with as much detail as I can. You’ll find suggestions, best practices, things to avoid, and limitations.
I’ll include all my experiences (good and bad) working with the triggers.
For eveyone
I want people to use it and share it. So I won’t put any restriction on it on this reference.
By everyone
Please contribute! The better I can make it, the better it will be for everyone.
Lots of places
I learn from lots of places, so some things may be found elsewhere.

Here are the sections where you can find articles. There are more in Microsoft’s reference, but I only include the ones I wrote about in the past.  

Microsoft 365 Excel

Power Automate: For a selected row Trigger

The “For a selected row” trigger is incredibly useful., especially for those who use Excel to store data. It takes advantage of Power Automate’s “add-in” …
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Microsoft Forms

Power Automate: Forms When a new response is submitted Trigger

Microsoft Forms is a great way to collect user information, but it’s not a great place to keep information. It would be best to keep …
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Microsoft Planner

Power Automate: Planner When a new task is created Trigger

In my opinion, the Planner “when a new task is created” trigger is one of the most useful Planner triggers. Tasks are created frequently, and …
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Power Automate: Planner When a task is assigned to me Trigger

The “When a task is assigned to me” trigger does something that most don’t. It reacts to changes in all Planner Plans and not only …
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Power Automate: When a task is completed Trigger

Power Automate reacts perfectly when things change in Microsoft Planner. For example, we have a trigger that will fire “When a task is completed”, which …
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Microsoft Teams

Power Automate: When a new channel message is added Trigger

Microsoft Teams is the tool today for interaction with co-workers, but it can be overwhelming when the channels are popular, and people are active. So …
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Office 365 Outlook

Power Automate: Office 365 When a new email arrives Trigger

Sorting email manually is where productivity goes to die. But, even if you have a quick way to do it, nothing beats automatic, so Power …
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Power Automate: Office 365 When an email is flagged Trigger

Flags are a great way to organize emails, but we can do a lot more to get our email under control. For example, archiving to …
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Power Apps

Power Automate: PowerApps Trigger

The integrations between Power Automate and Power Apps are exceptional, and you can trigger Flows from Power Apps easily. You can even provide information from …
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Power Automate

Power Automate: Manually Trigger a Flow Trigger

Manually Trigger a Flow action is, without question, one of my most used triggers ever. Although it’s super useful to have Flows triggering automatically, it’s …
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Power Automate: Recurrence Trigger

Having Flows that do everything for us without us even having to trigger them is fantastic. The “Recurrence” trigger does precisely this for us. It …
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Power Automate: When a feed item is published Trigger

RSS was pronounced dead so many times that I lost count, but it’s still around and healthy. RSS provides us an amazing opportunity for automation …
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Power Automate: When an HTTP request is received Trigger

Today a premium connector. “When an HTTP request is received” trigger is special in the sense that it enables us to have Power Automate as …
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Power Automate: SharePoint For a selected item Trigger

Did you know you can trigger Power Automate for items directly in SharePoint? Let’s say you have a list of employees and want to trigger …
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Power Automate: SharePoint When a file is created in a folder Trigger

Automating file management is an excellent way to save a lot of time, especially if you have many of them. There are many advantages to …
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Power Automate: SharePoint When a file is created or modified (properties only) Trigger

Let’s face it. Large libraries can’t know when a file changes, so automation here is necessary and the only way to do it. With the …
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Power Automate: SharePoint When an item is created Trigger

I’ve already covered the “When an item is created or modified” trigger, but today, I wanted to cover its small brother, the “When an item …
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Power Automate: When a file is created (properties only) Trigger

The “When a file is created (properties only)” trigger is an excellent way to control files by automating the actions that deal with them. Today …
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Power Automate: When an item is created or modified Trigger

SharePoint list items change a lot, and it’s handy to know when they do. So today we’ll check the “When an item is created or …
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Power Automate: When a new tweet is posted Trigger

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with Twitter, but if there’s something we can’t deny. Twitter plays a massive role in everyone’s lives, especially when running …
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