Introducing the Reference and Bargain Bin

Update: The Bargain Bin was retired and it’s no longer available.

I’ve been working on my reference articles for a while and increasing them over time with more information. I enjoy working on them (I’m probably the only one that says this about writing technical documentation) mainly because I see their impact on the community. Based on the comments, emails, and analytics, these sections are the top ones for this site.

I thought about making them look a bit better with all of this in mind. But you’ve noticed that I don’t like doing things the same way as everyone else, so why would a reference be boring?

The Reference

Introducing “the reference”. The reference is a single page that connects to the pages of the other references. It looks good (in my opinion, of course), and it allows me to make things a bit more dynamic and provide content faster. I changed the main menu to enable faster navigation to these pages

So you’ll find the following pages now:

Each page will contain the information segmented by topics for faster access. As you can see, there are a lot, and I will continue to push more articles for each section and, in the future more references.

Bargain Bin

The bargain bin is another thing I wanted to do but wanted to do it right. I recommend a lot of stuff, and I wanted to have a place where you can look at all the services I use and enjoy. These can be services about anything, so don’t get scared if you see things unrelated to this site. Like I mentioned before, affiliate links have zero impact on you since you pay the same or less (if I can get you some discount codes, I’ll publish them), but they can help me pay for the software. I posted this page in the past but then removed it because it was not quite as I wanted. I feel that it’s a lot better now, so I feel comfortable separating recommendations and the articles themselves.

Final Thoughts

These are part of the tests that I continue doing on the website. If you don’t like them for some reason or think that there’s a way to make them better, please let me know. I want to make the content as best as possible, so if you feel comfortable writing me a few lines or interacting on Twitter, I would appreciate it.

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