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Warren Buffet became one of the richest and well-known investors of all time for a good reason. Its unique way of investing, dealing with people, and living is now a study by many people. “Snowball” is an expression commonly used by Warren Buffet himself that you’ll understand while reading the book. I won’t spoil it for you.

Most swear by its methods and, at the time of this writing, at 90 years old, he’s still at the helm of Berkshire Hathaway with his trusted friend and business partner Charlie Munger.

He’s a showman and a teacher at heart. What’s fun about him is that he’s humble enough to get still surprised when someone asks for his autograph.

Book premise

If you want a book to understand why “Warren Buffet” became who he is today, this is the book for you. Snowball is a big book that describes all the major events of his life. Starting with his childhood, his parents and friends, his decisions, early business, and investments. It gives you a notion of how he became one of the world’s richest person.

The book doesn’t explain how to invest or how you will become a billionaire. What it does shows you the mindset, circumstances, and work put in by Warren Buffett in becoming one.

Why did I like it?

What amazed me in this book is not the description of Warren Buffett. He’s had his flaws like anyone else, and this book doesn’t try to make him any different than what he is. But it shows him as an amazingly ethical person, always thinking about the “correct way” of doing things. For example, Warren Buffett leads all of us that it is possible to do business without sacrificing our own values or “destroy” other people in the process.

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