June 17, 2024

Podcast: Imaginary Worlds

Science fiction is a broad topic, and you can find many books that cover all kinds of questions. Imaginary Worlds takes that into audio form and gives it a different twist. They distill the common conceptions of science fiction like time travel, fictional languages, Zombies, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and others, to name a few.

Podcast premise

The intro says it all “a show about why we create them and why we suspend our disbelief.” They cover a wide range of topics, but a single conducting line remains—science fiction and how it’s created and why people enjoy it. Even if you’re not someone that reads or watches this genre, I recommend listening to this show.

Why do I like listening to it?

It’s nice to “escape” the day-to-day hustle and listen to something that transports you to somewhere else different, fun, and that makes you wonder. Imaginary Worlds is amazingly produced, and you have quite a backlog if you want to dive into a specific topic. There’s one episode that I enjoyed particularly titled “Do You Speak Conlang?” a wonderful exploration into made-up languages that became part of the culture like “Klingon” or “Dothraki.”

As a bonus, Eric Molinsky is also an amazing sketcher. Check his sketches drawn on his iPhone in the subway.

Where you can find it

Official Website iTunes Link

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I have no affiliation with this brand or person (people), and the views here are my own. I didn’t have any bad experiences, but if you do, please know that this is a recommendation, and you’re always free to make decisions by yourself before buying something.

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