Book: Outliers: The Story of Success

“Outlier” is a scientific term to describe things or phenomena that lie outside a typical experience. In this book, we’re taken on a journey that goes back and looks at the most successful people, like Bill Gates, for example, and explain why they were successful and how they become “outliers.”

Book premise

From Goodreads:

In this stunning new book, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of “outliers”–the best and the brightest, the most famous and the most successful. He asks the question: what makes high-achievers different?

His answer is that we pay too much attention to what successful people are like, and too little attention to where they are from: that is, their culture, their family, their generation, and the idiosyncratic experiences of their upbringing. Along the way he explains the secrets of software billionaires, what it takes to be a great soccer player, why Asians are good at math, and what made the Beatles the greatest rock band.

The author

Malcolm Gladwell knows how to tell a good story, and this book is not the exception. It’s a wonderful book about how people become great what differentiates them from all the others.

Why did I like it?

This isn’t a story on “10 ways you can become successful”. It’s a story about how people took what they had at the time and became great. Greatness is often attributed to work alone, but that’s not entirely the case. At least, it is not the only factor. There are others, and it’s interesting to understand how certain periods of time generated some of the most successful people that we have today.

Where you can find it

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