Podcast: Big Data

I’ve featured many fictional podcasts here in my suggestions, but the “Big Data” takes the crown as the best one so far. I’m sad that it’s not active anymore, and since the last episode published was a while ago, we may never see more. But the episodes you have are amazing, and I strongly recommend listening to them.

Podcast premise

“What if someone stole the internet?” That is the basic premise of the show, and here’s the description so that you can understand the raw talent associated with this project.

What if someone stole the internet? This comedy caper takes 100% real concepts, like the seven keys to the internet, cyber police, relay calls, photocopier black boxes, 419 scams, and more, and turn it into an anthology of nerdy crime stories tied together by a global plan to end the internet. it’s a series of heists ranging from hijacking top secret military satellites, to stealing a dude’s pants. Features 73 actors from all over the world, including Paul F. Tompkins, Felicia Day, Jemaine Clement, Samm Levine, Amy Stoch and more!

Yes, your read that correctly. 73 actors featuring Felicia Day and Jemaine Clement stared in the Flight of the Conchords, one of the funniest shows ever!

Why do I like listening to it?

The production value of “Big Data” is off the charts. No exaggeration. And the actors are amazing, the writing is amazing, and the story is super funny. Nothing but good things to say about this show, so I recommend you listening to it. Slowly and please pace yourself because there are only 12 episodes.

Where you can find it

Official Website Apple Podcasts

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I have no affiliation with this brand or person (people), and the views here are my own. I didn’t have any bad experiences, but if you do, please know that this is a recommendation, and you’re always free to make decisions by yourself before buying something.

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