June 24, 2024

Book: Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff

If you never read a book written by Jon Acuff, you have to read this one. He has a fantastic sense of humor applied to complex topics like finishing a goal or a project that we all struggle with. The best example happens every year on the 1st of January. We all start the year full of hopes, dreams, and objectives. But after a few days, we stop them. In fact, 92% of people quit the new-year goal objectives by the end of January. Changes don’t happen from one day to another and, huge changes are hard to finish.

Book premise

Motivations are all about consistency, perseverance, and some techniques that will help you keep on track. Jon talks about all of this. How to motivate yourself to finish the project, gain a new habit, or kick a bad one.

Some people go all the way and hire a coach, wake up at 4 am and eat superfoods, or don’t eat at all for long periods of time. These things don’t work. They are not sustainable and, to achieve something, you need time.

Another good point is about perfectionism. It’s our worse enemy, and it kills a lot of projects, dreams, and goals. We’re very good at criticizing ourselves and especially good at finding ways not to do something.

From the book’s synopsis:

The strategies in this book are counterintuitive and might feel like cheating. But they’re based on studies conducted by a university researcher with hundreds of participants. You might not guess that having more fun, eliminating your secret rules, and choosing something to bomb intentionally works. But the data says otherwise. People who have fun are 43 percent more successful! Imagine if your diet, guitar playing, or small business was 43 percent more suc­cessful just by following a few simple principles.

Why did I like it?

Like everyone, I have a lot of stuff I want to achieve but finish a project is hard work. This site is proof that we can reach the objective with sustainable effort, habits, and perseverance. I started with only 2 posts a week, and now I’m posting 6 times a week. And, hopefully, I’ll keep on doing it for some time. It’s been 2 years, and I don’t want to stop now.

We all want to do more stuff, but only a few succeed. I hope you’re one of those who do.

Where you can find it

Official Website

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