June 17, 2024

Tools: Airmail

Who likes email? I would bet that a lot would say no, but there’s something worse nowadays. Good email apps are few. Most apps are low on features, invade your privacy and make something that is not nice to do even worse. Airmail is a feature-rich app that you can use with almost all email services you can remember.


Apps that provide features like snoozing or collaboration need to upload the email to their servers so that they can “re-deliver” it when the time comes. Unless you’re using Outlook with Office 365, for example, you’ll have a 3rd party with access to your email. Not to alert, but something important to know.

The app

Airmail does something that I don’t see often. They provide a clean interface for you to look, parse and reply to emails but hides a ton of features under the hood. When you need them, they are there, and there are a lot. But if you don’t need them, they are not in your face distracting you from the main goal. Get rid of emails as fast as possible.

Airmail evolved a lot over the years, and now it provides some great features like snoozing. Unlike other apps, you can easily choose the “privacy mode,” where Airmail will protect your privacy. But when they need to do something that requires less privacy, like uploading the emails for snoozing, they warn you. It’s glorious.

The problem it solves

Airmail solves some of these worse issues about email. It doesn’t solve the “email is boring” part, but it helps you manage multiple email accounts into one unified box. It has a clean interface with a lot of features like marking something as “To-Do.” For each email, it provides an “unsubscribe” button that either sends an automatic email or opens the page where you can push the button. And the email disappears from your inbox right away.

I won’t touch on advanced stuff like automation, where you can use Shortcuts to a lot. There are a lot more things to talk about, but I’ll let you explore Airmail.

Why I use it?

I have the same problems as everyone else:

  1. Have multiple inboxes
  2. Receive a ton o email
  3. Receive a lot of newsletters that I want to get rid-off.
  4. I want to reply to an email or, if I want to write it later, I want something that can remind me.

Airmail helps me spend the least amount of time parsing emails and enables me to focus on answering emails that deserve answering (like the amazing emails that all of you send me 😀).

Where you can find it

Official Website

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I have no affiliation with this brand or person (people), and the views here are my own. I didn’t have any bad experiences, but if you do, please know that this is a recommendation, and you’re always free to make decisions by yourself before buying something.

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