June 14, 2024

As I’ve been doing for a few years, I like to take the last day of the year and look back on what happened here. Tomorrow is the first day of the year, so let’s learn from the past and see how we can improve this year.

The site

The last year for good for the site is an understatement. I have many users, which forced me to move to another provider. The move helped me with many issues that I was seeing, like each time I published something, the website would go down for a few minutes. Not the friendliest experience. Now I have room to grow, and I hope I continue with the same pace until now.

The content

Now, this is a different story altogether. I’ve been doing some experimentation during the Monday slots based on my analytics.

I won’t bore you with statistics, but one thing that I found remarkable is that that my reference section accounts for 52% of the site’s traffic. Most of it is for the Power Automate Function Reference with 60% of that compared to the Power Automate Action Reference and Power Apps Function Reference with 14% each. It makes sense since the Power Automate Action Reference is more recent and Power Automate is much more popular than Power Apps.

I got rid of the Tools, Books, and Podcasts recommendations during the year. No one wanted that, so I used that time to push more articles regarding the Power Platform. I also introduced the Power Automate Action Reference and the Power Automate Trigger Reference. Since you enjoy my references, I wanted to cover more ground and give you more things to help you build Flows.

The lineup became the following:

  1. Monday: Testing, but usually articles about Power Automate.
  2. Tuesday: Power Automate, Power Apps, and SharePoint.
  3. Wednesday: Power Automate Action Reference
  4. Thursday: Doubletake with one Power Automate Function Reference, Power Apps Reference, SharePoint Reference, and an additional Power Automate Function Reference later in the day. It’s the first time I published two articles a day.
  5. Friday: Power Automate Trigger Reference

I continue to push six articles a day but now all of them during the week.

The dip

During December, I had a dip in publishing. There were some days that I didn’t publish that, and I’m sorry for that. Instead, I focused on other things that I think you will enjoy, which take much work to build.

I’m almost ready to launch!


So another thing that I did was create another Twitter account for the site. I want the site to become more than myself, so it’s good to separate a bit. I’ll be posting on both accounts, so don’t worry, but if you want to follow the website, you can do it already (the account is not entirely customized yet, sorry).


Next year I’ll focus on alternative areas for the site. I’ll keep the same schedule but add more things to the “lineup” as I have them ready. I don’t want to disclose anything yet, but I’ll let you know when I have things ready.

Final Thoughts

2022 will be a great year. I’m sure of that. Globally I hope we can start slowly coming back to meet face to face and have much-needed fun with our friends and family. It’s no time to put our guard down because this crappy virus is mutating like crazy, so be careful and take all the necessary precautions for you and your family to be safe.

I wish you all an excellent 2022!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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