July 24, 2024

Introducing your personal area

As you have noticed, I’ve been working on this website. The idea is the same as always. To improve it and make it as best as possible, I’m trying to do it in the personal area today. A few days ago, I introduced the new sections and pages that make things look better. I hope you enjoy them, but as a reminder:

I’m super happy with them, but they can be better. If you agree, please drop me an email and figure out how to improve it.

Your area

I know I write long articles, and I’ll continue doing so, but I’m sure that sometimes there’s the need to keep them to read later or serve as a reference. I wanted to find a good compromise between privacy and convenience, so I thought about taking advantage of the system that I already had to host this website and give you the possibility of creating a private area.

So now you have your private area on this website :).

I never thought about this, but personalization is essential to everyone, making sense to implement it. I’m already preparing the following things to add, but I hope you enjoy it and it’s useful.

You can create an account here and start bookmarking all your favorite posts.

Final Thoughts

Quick post today, but I hope you enjoy the changes to the site. It’s one step further in getting you more stuff, so test the personal area and let me know if there’s something I should improve.

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