June 24, 2024

I’ve been checking the analytics, and something has been bothering me. I’m working on some sections that are not bringing a lot of added value to you. The number of articles read under the Reference, and Microsoft umbrella counts for 90% of the website. So I need to change things to focus on what’s important. Also, I have some ideas that I want to explore, so here’s what you can expect for the new lineup for the website.


I’m happy to announce that I’ll have 3 new sections to the current lineup:

  1. OData reference
  2. Expression Cookbook
  3. Power Automate Action Reference

These OData and Power Automate Action Reference will reinforce the existing reference sections for SharePoint, Power Automate, and Power Apps.

OData Reference

I want to explore a little bit more the OData Reference that brings so many headaches to people. It’s not that hard once you understand how it works, but it’s an “advanced” feature when you’re dealing with low-code tools. You can expect new articles starting next Friday.

Expression Cookbook

Expressions are super useful, but they can be a little bit scary sometimes. I want to show you some cool expressions that you can copy-paste to your Flows, but I want to teach you how they work. It’s important to understand the basic concepts so that you can build them in the future.

Power Automate Action Reference

There are many actions, and all of them have hidden tricks that you can take advantage of. I’ll use the same strategy as the SharePoint List Function Reference or the Power Automate Function Reference. I’ll describe how the action works, recommendations and best practices, and some things you should be aware of. Like all others is not an exhaustive list, but it will contain a lot of useful information. This will occupy the Wednesday slot, so you can expect a new weekly article starting next week.

Changes to the existing sections

With all these new sections, it’s time to adjust some of the existing ones, so here are the changes that will follow.

Templates are now Cookbooks.

This section is not being updated with the frequency that I want but is super important. I’ll change the UI to make it look a bit better and add new templates.

Currently, I have Power Automate Templates, but I don’t like the name “Template Archive.” The archive is where things go to be forgotten, so I’ll rename it to Cookbook since it’s closer to what I want to achieve.

In this section, we’ll:

  1. Migrate the Power Automate templates and rename them to Power Automate Cookbook.
  2. Add the new section Expressions Cookbook.

Both sections don’t have a defined timeline. I don’t have more slots during the week, so I’ll post them when I develop one that can be useful to you. If you have one that you want to feature, let me know. I’ll post it with full attribution and links to your site and social, so let me know if you want to contribute.


I like a section, and I’ll keep on doing, although with less frequency—the recommendations section. I like showing you cool stuff to listen to, read or work with, but it’s a niche audience for my website. Since the weekend is the time to relax, I’ll be shifting the podcasts section to Saturday and the books section to Sunday. Sunday was the only day of the week without a post, so it’s time to change that 😀.

I do not include the tools recommendations in the lineup, though. I want the week to be all about technology and the weekend about entertainment, and this section doesn’t really fit any of them. I’ll think about what to do with It but, for now, it’s going to keep on hold until the next revamp.

Final Thoughts

All and all, the changes are to make things better. I have a lot that I want to write about, but I ran out of days of the week to write about them 😀. I hope you’ll enjoy these changes and they are useful for you. There are more cool things to explore, and I’ll prepare more to share but, for now, I think this makes for a stronger lineup than before.

Feedback is always welcome and encouraged, so please feel free to interact on Twitter, LinkedIn, or email. I want to hear from you and continue to work on better content for everyone to learn and enjoy.

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