Podcast: Nice white parents

From Serial’s team comes an investigation into a public school and the inequality present in each of them called “Nice White Parents.” Schools that are supposed to serve the community have a massive influence from certain parts of the city that shape them and guide them in ways that don’t benefit everyone. If you like the style of serial or other podcasts that dig deep into a topic like this one, this is a good podcast for you. It’s a five-part series and a good explanation of the racial divide in the US.

Podcast premise

From the website:

If you want to understand what’s wrong with our public schools, you have to look at what is arguably the most powerful force in shaping them: white parents. A five-part series from Serial Productions, a New York Times Company. Hosted by Chana Joffe-Walt.

A stunning deep dive into how a new school system came to be and what got in the way.

Why do I like listening to it?

“Nice White Parents” is a very different podcast genre all together from those I like to listen to. But it’s a short description of how, with the best intentions, people get into the way and avoid progress, sometimes for the worse. Produced by Serial’s team, you know you have a good story to listen to.

Where you can find it

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