It’s been precisely one year since I launched this site. Happy Birthday! 🎉

At the time I started it, I wanted an outlet to write more and help people in the process. I think I achieved that so far, but I want to do more.

The stats

Until today I published 109 original articles, not counting the book reviews and the recommended podcasts. I have a lot more that I could tell you, but 109 was a good run to start, but it’s time to do more (we’ll get to that in a bit).

For now, let me say that I was not expecting the traffic that some of the articles got, especially the reference articles. I started writing those as a reference to myself and to keep all that I’ve learned in one public place that could be helpful for people. And it was. More than half of the traffic for this site goes to the “Friday Function,“ and I’m more than happy that my main objective worked. I can help people understand stuff that can make them independent in building stuff in Microsoft’s Power Platform.

The schedule

Up until now, I’ve published one deep-dive article on Tuesdays explaining a concept or as a tutorial in how to do something in SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate. I’ve added over time Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Teams because I wanted to write about it and had some cool stuff to share. It diluted the information a lot over the weeks because I ended up having a new article on each of these topics every five weeks instead of 3. Also, I published every Friday the previously mentioned “Friday Function,“ explaining in detail a specific function, how it works, best practices, and common mistakes. Also, these became every five weeks. I have a full-time job, and I am quite active in the Power Automate’s Forum, so time is short to write quality articles, but I want to do more.

The future

I like writing, and I have a lot of ideas of stuff I want to write and a lot more topics, tips, and tricks to cover. New sections will show up here, but I want to keep the two articles per week promise I made when I started the site. It’s hard at times, but I’ll try to organize my time so that I can provide you with quality content. Moreover, I’ll try to integrate other types of content so that other people can find value in the stuff I publish.

I know I’m keeping things vague, but I’m still working on them and don’t want to reveal half baked ideas.

Final Thoughts

It’s not my first try to start a blog. Like I said in my first post, I had a lot of blogs in the past that I abandoned, but this one is different. I organized it to be more than a blog and be a place where you can find relevant content that looks nice and is appropriately organized. The stats have proven to me that it’s working, so I’ll continue improving.



Thanks for reading my stuff and commenting, sharing, and sending me feedback. It means the world to me, and it’s what keeps me having fun writing cool stuff to share.


Happy birthday

Looking forward to seeing where this site evolves and grows.


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