July 19, 2024

Today is the second anniversary of this website. It’s starting to be a tradition, if you consider doing it twice as a tradition, for me to write a bit about what happened in the last year and what’s coming up for the next one.

The stats

As usual, let’s look at the stats. Today this is my 300th article. I pushed 191 articles in the last year, 82 more than the previous year. Not bad for the second anniversary, in my humble opinion. The main reason was due to increasing my pace to 5 articles a week. I keet my pledge to learn about all sorts of topics and concepts in public, even if I make mistakes. We all learn somehow, and I’ve seen that this way is the best way to learn. The feedback was wonderful so far, and I got a lot of positive comments. I keep my decision of having the comments enabled, and I didn’t regret it (and I don’t want to 😀).

The schedule

The schedule moved a lot, and now I have:

  1. Monday – Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Planner, or Microsoft Teams.
  2. Tuesday – Power Automate, SharePoint, or Power Apps
  3. Wednesday – Power Automate Action Reference
  4. Thursday – Power Automate Function Reference, SharePoint list function Reference, or Power App Function Reference
  5. Friday – Power Automate Trigger Reference and TWIL

I moved now to 6 articles a week, although I’ve been slacking off the last few weeks. Nearing holidays do this to a person, but I’ll shape up and bring you more content, I promise.

What didn’t work

I’ve done some experiments, and some of them were fun, but I don’t think people liked them. One was my OData reference. It’s useful to have one but based on the analytics; people ignored them.

Other areas of Office 365 like OneDrive and Lists were not as popular. However, I’ll keep on posting for these because there are many cool things that we can do with Power Automate.

I also retired my recommendations area. It was starting to bother me to have links to other products and services because. Although these were things that I enjoyed, they converted the wrong image for this website. Also, they were using up space and effort to write when I could be writing about things that are a lot more useful to you, like my reference articles.

Finally, my cookbook didn’t get as much traction as I expected, but I’ll keep posting on this area because I consider this one my reference.

The Future

Saying that I have some ideas is an understatement. In the next few months, you’ll see some changes in the website’s organization, new areas, and new types of content. However, I’ll keep the push to 6 posts a week.

As always, I’m keeping things vague for a reason. I like surprises and need time to prepare. I don’t want to promise things that I won’t deliver and don’t want to deliver things “half baked.”

If you have ideas for topics, areas or articles that you would like featured, please send me an email or interact on Twitter. I’m always looking for new challenges, so interact and let me know.

Final Thoughts

Going back to the previous year’s post, I read this, and it made me happy.

New sections will show up here, but I want to keep the two articles per week promise I made when I started the site. It’s hard at times, but I’ll try to organize my time so that I can provide you with quality content

Now that I’m pushing 6 articles a week, keep on being active in the Power Automate’s community, have a job and a personal life, it’s hard to think that two articles per week were tough. I’ll keep on pushing upward and publish more and more content. In one year, I hope that I’ll have surpassed my expectations at the moment and have a lot more content for you to enjoy.


Thanks for reading my stuff, commenting, and interacting. It means a lot to me, and I love the feedback. It means the world to me that you read the things I publish and are useful to you.


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