I started this post thinking about saying “Happy Good Friday,” but this time is not for celebration. First, the actual day is not a day of celebration for the Catholic community, and with this horrible virus affecting everyone, it’s especially sad this year.

For those of you who are don’t believe in God or have another religion, I respect that. I hope that you make the best out of this post since, in times like these, we need to pull each other up and have hope that better times will come.

In case you don’t know, Fridays around here are usually called “Friday Function,” where I publish a function and explain its usage and what tricks and some recommendations. This Friday is “Good Friday,” and it’s considered to some as the holiest day of the year. Since it’s the day that Catholics celebrate the day that Christ was crucified, it’s not a day to be happy. It’s a day not to do much besides go to church and be with the family. In this time of uncertainty and pandemic, not being able to be with the family can be especially hard on some people.

So respecting my upbringing and the overall Christian community, I’m not going to post an article today. Instead, leave you with this short message during the Easter celebrations.

I hope that all of you, Catholic or not, remain safe and healthy. Please take the necessary precautions so that you don’t get this horrible disease or spread it to your loved ones.

Keep safe, and I’ll be back Tuesday with our regular posts about some cool technology stuff.

All the best.

PS: I’ve restrained from posting anything remotely religious since it’s a sensitive topic, so don’t consider this a regular occurrence.

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